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Our Most Popular Vehicles
Used Cars for Sale
Most Popular Vehicles
   1. Ford
   2. Chevrolet
   3. Dodge
   4. Toyota
   5. Honda
   6. GMC
   7. Pontiac
   8. Cadillac
   9. Nissan
   10. Jeep
Used Cars for Sale
Other Vehicles
   1. Volkswagen
   2. BMW
   3. Chrysler
   4. Mazda
   5. Lincoln
   6. Buick
   7. Oldsmobile
   8. Acura
   9. Mitsubishi
   10. Lexus
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Used Cars for Sale Getting a vehicle history report could be the difference between buying a lemon or a gem.

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Used Cars for Sale What is a VIN?
Decode your vehicle identification number.
Used Cars for Sale Create a successful vehicle listing.
Here is what you need to know to make your car appealing to buyers.
Used Cars for Sale Where do I sell my car?
Find out why AutoHopper is a great place to sell your car online.

Used Cars for Sale Read reviews of cars, trucks & SUVs.
We've done the research for you - read a review from today's most popular cars, trucks and SUVs.
Featured Vehicles
What's Hot In The Used Car Market?
Used Cars for Sale
The Hummer H2

A newly refined body style sparks new interest in this all-terrain vehicle. New and used models both benefit.
Used Cars for Sale
The Toyota Tundra Double Cab

The latest full-size truck from Toyota give you just that, double the cab.
Used Cars for Sale
The Mini Cooper

Hot and hard to find. As some new models trickle into the used car market, older models begin to see a resurgence in popularity as well.
Used Cars for Sale
The Ford Excursion

This mega sport utility vehicle will haul the kids, dogs and most of the soccer team. Gives new meaning to soccer mom.

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Car Buying Made Simple is one of the largest private-party vehicle classified websites online. Our used car search engine is designed to help you find the vehicle you are looking for quickly and easily. All of our vehicles are listed by private sellers meaning you don't have to wade through thousands of dealer ads.

Feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or comments regarding our website. Our goal is to give you the tools and services you need, so we encourage feedback.

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Used Cars for Sale has nothing but sport utility (SUV) and off-road vehicles. For Canadian vehicles, try Canada Used Autos.
Used Cars for Sale has nothing but used sports cars from private seller. Hurry they're moving fast.
Used Cars for Sale
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